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Coaching Female Athletes

Powerhouse Cycling plans for the individual needs of all athletes. This includes implementing the latest research into the specific requirements and differences of female athletes. For many years the research on training and performance has mostly been performed on men and the results extrapolated to women. The tide is now turning, and the difference in the physiology of men and women is being explored. “Women are not small men” is the way that Dr Stacy Sims explains how female physiology is different to a man’s in her book ‘Roar’.

We now appreciate that hormones and the way they change through both the month and over the years, including the menstrual cycle and menopause, can significantly impact training and performance. Many body systems are affected by this which changes the way we deal with heat and cold, the kind of fueling and hydration that is optimal, the amount of time we need to recover and when we’re most vulnerable to injury.

Taking these fundamentals into account we can tailor a training program to take account of your individual circumstances and stage of life, to make the most out of your training and racing and keep you strong and healthy for both now and the future.