Go beyond the old school way of lactate testing

Conventional lactate testing has not improved in the past 40 years. With INSCYD, though, you can finally understand the complete underlying physiology of your performance. And only through a lactate measurement!
With INSCYD you can: 

  • Access the full set of metrics available through our software.
  • Test anywhere: in the lab or in the field. INSCYD adapts to both conditions
  • Test specifically: test your under conditions similar to the demands of racing.
  • Enter the data into INSCYD and instantly receive your complete performance profile.
  • Directly compare lactate tests of different protocols, and even when you have two data sets that shows different durations and intensities.


  • Know the outcome before you start training

    The most invaluable feature of INSCYD may well be the ability to accurately project the future performances of your athlete.

    Make informed decisions on what to work on in training by precisely calculating the impact of a certain adaptation. Take the guesswork out of your training programs. Stop using a trial and error approach. Now you can predict the effects of a change in any performance metric on your overall performance. You will have total confidence in your methods and see the benefits of certain training on performance.

    1. Run a performance test (in any lab or on the field) and upload the results on INSCYD. Retrieve the full set of results and physiological performance metrics. Identify the metric which relates the best to the chosen race performance. This may be: maximal fat combustion, anaerobic threshold or speed or power at the maximum lactate level your athlete can achieve.

    2. Afterward manipulate any physiological metric: body composition, aerobic power, glycolytic power, oxygen kinetics. Re-run the test in order to model the potential outcome that these changes will produce.

    3. Identify the smallest differences in real versus virtual performance by plotting both tests in the same graph.

    Now you can truly understand the precise impact that your training will have on future performance. Train with confidence, knowing that your workouts will have the desired impact on performance.


  • Three rules for valuable performance monitoring

    1. Measuring regularly: With INSCYD, there is no more need for a specific testing session. You can run a designated lab or field test, but you can also capture the needed metrics with any training session (or race). Increase the frequency of testing, without the need to sacrifice valuable training time.

    2. Measure accurately: INSCYD’s algorithms have been validated by numerous scientific studies, proving that the accuracy of the software is en par with the highest standard in lab testing. But with INSCYD you will increase the meaning of your data even more: now you can measure performance where it matters: on the road!

    3. Measure comprehensively: Get the whole picture of your performances by obtaining all the relevant metrics every time you test. Instead of doing a designated test for each parameter of performance you are interested in, now you get them all in only one test session. This allows you to understand the interaction of the individual metrics and their impact on the overall performance.


  • Specific training recommendations – to specific training adaptations

    Your current default training zones may be based on fixed percentages of an FTP, a lactate threshold, a VO2max or a personal record. Why is this common practice? Because of the lack of comprehensive performance data. INSCYD training zones are not only based on fixed percentages of one and the same metric but on the actual metabolic system you want to train.

    • Eight sophisticated default training zones, each one based on a specific, evidence based algorithm instead of a fixed percentage.
    • Includes FatMax zone: the intensity at which fat combustion is highest.
    • Unique lactate shuttling intensities: intensities to train lactate combustion and production.
    • Total energy consumption and fat and carbohydrate contribution for each endurance training zones.
    • Edit each existing zone as you prefer.
    • Add up to five customised training zones.