Maximize Fat Reliance –  Maximize Performance

INSCYD detects the individual fat combustion rates with every performance analysis. Now you can create strategies to increase energy expenditure from fat, thereby enhancing athlete performance.

Start measuring fat combustion and utilizing your FatMax Zone with INSCYD:

  • INSCYD analysis mimics the accuracy of the most respected scientific methods of measuring fat combustion rates.
  • Fat combustion rates are highly individual metrics.
  • Significant differences are observed both between different athletes, and between different states of training in those athletes.

VLamax – glycolytic capacity

With INSCYD, the only scientifically validated measurement of VLamax is by default included in every analysis:

  • Identify whether anaerobic capacity is a strength or a weakness in your performance.
  • Check the impact of a prescribed high-intensity exercise and ensure that weight and sprint training have the desired effect of increasing glycolytic capacity.
  • Project and find out which anaerobic capacity level is needed to reach the desired goal.
  • Tune the diet to decrease or increase VLamax even further.
  • Monitor glycolytic capacity with INSCYD and change prescribed workouts to alter VLamax.
  • Predict the impact of an altered anaerobic capacity on the performance before planning a training regime.

VO2max – maximum aerobic capacity

Measuring VO2max is not something new. But with INSCYD, you can now see how VO2max interacts with race and training performance:

  • Understand the impact of VO2max on fat oxidation and carbohydrate combustion.
  • Measure the changes in anaerobic threshold power or fat burning observed in your performance.
  • Compare the effect of high-intensity interval training on endurance training on VO2max.
  • Evaluate the impact of specialized nutrition regimens to further increase VO2max.