Whether you are a professional racer, elite rider, junior, masters, or triathlete, we have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your potential.
Powerhouse Cycling implements the latest sports science into your training to provide you with a highly personalised training plan that will improve your performance.
Your program will help you develop and refine your strengths and improve areas of weakness by analyzing your racing performances and assigning workouts to specifically work on those aspects of racing.

We aim to provide you with a coaching experience that inspires you to reach your full potential.

Find out what others have to say about our coaching

Mathew Hayman – Professional Cyclist

“I have known Kevin for a long time, we have always talked a lot about training techniques and philosophies long before he was my coach. It is easy to see he has a real passion for training and coaching.

Since becoming my coach he has been supportive, professional, and provided me with a highly developed training program covering all the modern techniques and current thoughts on training loads and stresses.

I think most importantly we have had a good relationship that is open, honest, and based on feedback. This allowed me to win the biggest race I could dream of.

Thanks, Kevin, forever grateful.”

Rachel Neylan – Professional Cyclist

In an athlete’s life, the coaching dynamic is of priceless importance!

I have had the fortune of Kev’s work since July 2015. In my career, I have never worked with someone having the perfect balance of passion, knowledge, and experience.

Trust is always placed as an upmost priority, with effective and efficient communication being the absolute cornerstone of our planning – allowing work to turn into performances.

The balance I have been able to obtain between work/recovery, focus and confidence along with the highest level of specificity in daily monitoring have taken me to the next level.

I am enjoying every day of preparation on the road with Kev, understanding the processes better than ever and hungry for more big performances to come!

Hayden Brooks – Professional Cyclist

“I had raced internationally for 5 years (through junior, U23 and seniors) and turned professional working with Kev Poulton. Even after only 2 months, I began to notice huge improvements, not only in my physical capabilities but also in my motivation and discipline. I have never had to chase Kev up to receive a workout/plan, He is always reachable and willing to offer advice to keep my training on track. Nothing is done with guess work – absolutely everything has a meaning and a purpose. What I enjoy most is receiving my feedback after each race/important workout and reading Kev’s analysis. I always feel like I have plenty of support and guidance.”

Greg Molony – Masters Athlete

“I had been racing with the local bike club and competing in State and National Masters events for about 10 years with various training programs with little success.

In 2009 I committed myself to the Masters 6 Road race, Criterium and Time Trial at both the Nationals and World Games which were being held in Canberra and Sydney later that year.

I trained under the guidance of Kev with my goal being to participate in the 6 races later that year. His encouragement and feedback were my driving forces throughout the year. The improvements in my riding helped to change my attitude when going to races. Rather than participating, I was now riding for podium positions, feeling strong and confident, even at state and national level, a feeling I had never previously experienced.

I raced later that year with results that exceeded all of my expectations, feeling very satisfied with all my results, largely due to Kevins’ expertise. The amazing aspect of the training was that I arrived at races being able to produce my best performances, amazing!

At the National Masters Cycling in Canberra, I was able to race to Bronze medals in the road race and Time trial and a Top 10 in the criterium. Four weeks later at the World masters games in Sydney I raced to a Bronze in the Time Trial, a very close 4th in the criterium and had a good road race.

Thanks, Kev.

Sarah Roy – Professional Cyclist

Nat has been my private coach for 8 years. She took me on as a 25 year old injured, inexperienced amateur, and just 2 years after teaching me how to sit on a bike we won the elite criterium national championships. Nat has since ridden all the highs and lows of professional sport with me, and what I do would be impossible without her.

Nat isn’t only a coach, she is a former professional racer having come through the junior ranks on both track and road so her knowledge and experiences are broad and come in handy as she can relate on so many levels. A bonus is that she is also a physio which I think gives her an edge on her coaching. Unlike most she leans in when her athletes are injured, and I find Nat to be passionate about her athletes’ overall well being not only their bike performance.

Nat is the best coach for me. She takes a collaborative approach, is no fuss, patient and an excellent communicator even with the time differences between Australia and Europe where I am based. She is organised, generous with her time, provides fast feedback on my sessions, and adapts the training program to my ever changing travel and race schedule.

It’s important to me that my coach be up to date on the latest training concepts, female specific training, race demands, world tour level bench marks, and be willing to try new things, which of course Nat is. I am extremely proud to be working with Nat, and would recommend her coaching to anybody.